Protect your Biggest Investment with a Smart One!


Sometimes people purchase a house without having it inspected, or they will have it done by a family member or friend who claims to know everything about houses! This would be similar to avoiding a lawyer and trying to process all of the legal work yourself. No one in their right mind would consider doing that, right! So why would you not hire a professional to inspect your prospective home?

A professional home inspection lists the conditions of all its major systems and clearly documents them in a report. Knowing what system is old and what needs to be repaired or replaced is the first step to making your decision.


"Your inspection report is one of the best presentation wise including all the helpful links, besides the report I find your inspection was very methodical and one of the best. It will be my pleasure recommending you to my future clients."

Michael D’Souza                

If the inspection finds multiple issues with the house, then you have the knowledge and the power to make a decision. Some people may not be financially prepared to replace the roof, windows and furnace all within a two year period. But with a home inspection you will be aware of these issues before you make your decision and avoid being faced with an unanticipated, stressful, financial situation.

A Home Inspection Will Grant You Peace Of Mind.

It is also extremely important that you are aware of any safety issues that may be present in the home. The bottom line is that a home inspection is important whether there are significant inspection findings or not.